NASA: The Sun Will Shut Down the Internet

June 6, 2010 3 Comments

Nasa, one of the most secretive government agencies, says the sun is waking up from a dormant cycle and could cause havoc on the power grid. Meaning it could shut down your internet so you can’t learn the truth about the Globalist Agenda.

They always cite the same data, that a solar storm in 1859 shut down the transatlantic telegraph cable.

They’re preparing you for the idea that a major solar storm will hit in 2012. That storm could shut down the power grid.

We’re very dependent on the power grid. Most of you rely on refrigerators to store food, power to cook, power to heat and cool your home and of course you need power to pump gas to get around. Long story short if the power grid goes down for more than two days or so we’re back in the stone age.

About 98% of people are not prepared to live without power. If this happened to our grandparents or great grandparents who were alive before people fully relied on electricity they’d be fine. Us, not so much.

Ask yourself this, what else happens in 2012? If you said anything about the Mayan Calendar slap yourself hard. Preferably hang yourself, because you are too stupid to breed. The correct answer is that we have a Presidential Election in 2012.

A solar storm that shuts down the power grid will obviously be a disaster, an emergency … an opportunity for FEMA to take over.

Why are they telling us about this years in advance? Because they’re going to do it. 2012 is when they’re finally going to flip the switch and end civilization and society as we know it. You can bet your butt.

My suggestion. Prepare for the worst. Have guns, iodine tablets, canned food to get you started and seeds. Take the next two years to learn how to grow food and slaughter animals. You’re going to need survival skills.

Because the sun won’t shut down the power grid. But a well placed attack on it by the global elite will.  And it will plunge the world into darkness literally and figuratively.

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3 Comments to “NASA: The Sun Will Shut Down the Internet”
  1. Shane says:

    Solar maximum is going to reach its peak in 2012. its waking up from a deep slumber. You may already see changes on earth. There is a massive increase in the number of earthquakes and volcanic activity around the planet. The sun put life on earth and will destroy it. Earth has had mass extinctions in the past and we are next. This is happening but you live in cocoo land

  2. Shane, how are you? Well I hope. I’m Fine. ok To the point can you sand me an indents check of lest, so I can have it on hand. And then start my preparation. Thank you for all you do Shane Roger A. Lessard

  3. rich says:

    shane u better look into haarp and see what they can do to cause earth quakes! the global elite are trying to make us think we are in end times! but by them doing Satans work maybe this is really end times

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